Mobile based Registration


You can download software in your smart phone/tablet for generating dynamic software tokens which can be used as additional security mechanism while logging in. Users are freed from carrying additional devices or delay in SMS OTP delivery if they opt for this. This method of authentication is recommended for users who use J2ME, Android, Blackberry or Apple iPhone.


Step 1:


Log in to using mobile device and download the arcot OTP.


Step 2:Click the Arcot OTP installed in your mobile as shown below



Step 3: The  customer will be displayed with a registration screen which will vary with mobile





Enter the URL  received through SMS in “Service URL” field.


Enter  FedNet user id of customer in “user identifier” field


Enter the activation code sent via SMS in “Activation Code” field

Enter  a new PIN in the “PIN” field and confirm the same in “Confirm PIN”  field

And click Done button.

The user will get registered with that mobile.


Step 4:Double the user registered and the following screen will be displayed. Enter the PIN given at the time of registration and

Click “Generate Passcode” button




Step 5: A random passcode will be generated which can be used for performing transactions