FedNet Registration FAQ

1. How to register for FedNet?
Ans: If the customer is already maintaining an account with us contact the branch for a printed application form or download the application form from our website and submit the filled-in application to the branch. If the customer is not maintaining an account with us Print the application for new account which is available in our website. Submit the application to the branch where he would like to open the account.

2. Who is eligible for FedNet Banking facility?
Ans: All Federal Bank account holders can access their account through FedNet.

3. Is FedNet facility extended to all branches of Federal Bank?
Ans: Yes, indeed.

4. What do you mean that the transactions are "Real-Time online"?
Ans: We have designed the FedNet Banking service in such a way that it takes your requests and acts on them immediately. All transactions are done automatically by the system. 

5. Is there any charge for this service?
Ans: No. Currently, we offer FedNet free with all accounts. However, all minimum balance/deposit amount requirements of the relevant accounts will need to be honoured.

6. Can the customer have all his deposit accounts FedNet enabled under a single User Id?
Ans: Yes, all the accounts irrespective of the branch can be linked under a single user Id thus enabling customers to view all these accounts and do transactions on them over the Internet.

7. What is to be done if the customer has accounts in different branches of Federal Bank?
Ans: No problem at all. The customer can have them all enabled under one user Id and view and do transactions in the account through a single screen.

8. How will I know that my transaction has been completed?
Ans: The FedNet system does one of the following, depending upon the transaction you have requested: 
Displays the information requested 
Accepts your instruction and displays an appropriate message to the effect or gives you a transaction reference number which you may use to refer to your transaction in all future communication regarding the same 
Displays an appropriate message on why it cannot complete your transaction or asks you to try again.

9. How about Loan accounts ?
Ans: Loan accounts can also be FedNet enabled thus enabling to view these accounts along with other deposit accounts.

10. Can Corporates avail FedNet facility?
Ans: Yes. Companies/Partnership Firms/Trusts etc can avail FedNet facility. However, access to account/s will be permitted only to one authorised signatory.

11. What kind of hardware and software are recommended for using FedNet Banking more efficiently?
Hardware: You need to have a Pentium PC with 32 MB RAM, 2.1 GB Hard Disk Space with 500MB free space.

Software: You need to have a browser: Internet Explorer Version 5.5 and Netscape Navigator Version 4.7
12 . Can FedNet be enabled with account view facility only without enabling transactions in the account through FedNet?

Ans: Yes, if the account holder specifically requests us to do so.

13 . Can Corporates avail FedNet facility?

Ans: Yes. Companies/Partnership Firms/Trusts etc can avail FedNet facility. However, access to account/s will be permitted only to one authorised signatory.

14 . What is the best screen resolution recommended for FedNet?

Ans: While it is not mandatory, FedNet screens are best when viewed with 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution.

15. If the customer is using Netscape navigator, can he access FedNet?

Ans: Yes. He can use any browser, which support 128-bit encryption. FedNet is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5.0 and above.

16. If the customer is using Internet Explorer version below 5.0, can he Access Fednet.

Ans: No. Internet Explorer 5.0 and above is needed to access accounts through FedNet. If he use any other browser, it should support 128 bit encryption.

17. Is there any charge at the time of FedNet registration?

Ans: There are no charges for availing FedNet facility.

18. How soon can the processes of enabling FedNet operations completed?

Ans: On receipt of the FedNet application, FedNet Division will send a PIN -mailer containing user Id and passwords. Accounts will be enabled as soon as the tear off acknowledgement slip is received back duly signed. This is required as a security feature to ensure that the passwords have not been intercepted in transit and that only the customer has received the passwords.

19. What does the PIN mailer contain?

Ans: There are two parts in the PIN mailer. One part contains the User Id and two sets of passwords- the first password to access the account and the other password for transaction as a second level of security that will be required when any transactions are done on the account through FedNet. The second part is the PIN acknowledgement portion which should be sent back by the account holder duly signed to the address printed overleaf.

20. Is e-mail address compulsory in the application?
Ans: Though it is not compulsory to give e-mail address in the FedNet application, it is very much desirable, as all future correspondence/intimation will be addressed to the FedNet subscribers to their e-mail address only. Moreover it is very fast and economical too. The customer will also receive certain e-mail notifications as a security feature and as such it is highly desirable to have the email address.

21 . Will the account be charged for transactions effected through FedNet?

Ans: Currently transfer of funds through FedNet from SB accounts is free of charge for beneficiaries maintaining accounts with Federal Bank branches irrespective of whether the transfer is to own account or third party account or at the same branch or a different branch. However purchase of demand draft and such other transactions, which are normally chargeable, are subject to such normal charges if not exempted specifically. In the case of Current Accounts/OD/CC, transfer of funds will be charged.

22. Should the customer keep any minimum balance in my account/s to avail this facility?

Ans: There is no stipulated separate minimum balance for maintaining FedNet accounts.

23 . What will happen if the customer does not use FedNet for a long time after enabling this facility?

Ans: FedNet will deny access to the accounts through Internet unless the account is accessed at least once in 90 days. This is an in-built security measure to take care of unattended accounts in Internet. However, the FedNet account can be re enabled on taking up the matter with Relationship Manager at FedNet Division.