DD Request

  1. On clicking this option system will display Demand Draft request screen.

  2. Enter the Payee name in whose favour Demand Draft is to be issued.

  3. Select the branch from the drop down list against “DD Payable At”.

  4. Enter the amount for which Demand Draft is to be issued by the bank against amount column. Ensure that this amount is less or equal to the limit amount shown against by the system.

  5. Select an account from the drop down list against Debit account field.

  6. Give Remarks, if any.

  7. By default, address will be displayed. You can change your address here. This is the address to which the DD will be mailed.

  8. Fields marked with * are mandatory. If the mandatory fields are not entered, error message will be shown.

  9. Click “Submit” button and the system will ask you to enter your user id and transaction password.

  10. Enter your current user id and transaction password correctly and click “OK” button.

  11. System will check correctness of your transaction password and throws error message if the same is wrongly entered.

  12. If the transaction password entered by you is correct, system will show Demand Draft verification screen.